Best Pickleball Paddles for Two Handed Backhand – 4 Best Options

Over the last few years, pickleball has grown increasingly popular as a sport. This can be attributed in part to how much fun it is to play for people of all ages. We can also credit the newfound popularity to the influx of former tennis players.

However, as the game becomes increasingly popular, it’s only bound to evolve, with new styles of play being introduced every now and then. This is especially so considering the game’s similarity to tennis. One such style of play is the two-handed backhand.

The mastery of this technique depends largely on practice. But, your paddle also plays an incredibly important role. In this article, we’ve covered the top four best pickleball paddles for two handed backhand players. Additionally, tennis players that are starting to play pickleball should also check out our best pickleball paddles for tennis players.

Best Pickleball Paddles for Two Handed Backhand – Our Top Picks

Top Pick

SLK Evo Hybrid Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle

The C6-Flex Power Fiberglass Face provides the power and control you need on every play. With its large sweet spot, ultra-comfortable grip, and irresistible price point, the Evo Hybrid offers unmatched performance for beginner to advanced Pickleball players alike

Pickleball players of all skill levels may benefit from using SLK’s high-quality, lightweight, resilient, and performance-enhancing paddles on the court, in the park, or at the club, for a fraction of the cost of more expensive versions.

In addition, it gives you the strength, steadiness, and speed you need to win the game.

Also, with the paddle industry in mind, the makers developed the Rev-Core Polymer Core. They have made the core using a durable polymer that maintains its strength and comfort even at the most outstanding levels of competition.

As a result of its low weight, the SLK Evo Hybrid paddles enable players to move their hands more quickly while still keeping a firm grip. The Ultra-Comfort Grip material used in the construction of the SLK Evo Hybrid paddles ensures that you won’t feel any weariness even after hours of play. Therefore, the long-lasting comfort and lack of arm strain from the supple foam padding make it ideal for marathon gaming sessions. It also ranks as one of the best pickleball paddles for intermediate players.


  • Great value for the money
  • A large sweet spot
  • Lightweight
  • Great feel
  • Good customer service


  • No cover for the paddle

2. Gearbox GX6

The Gearbox paddle has a convenient handle length, making it very maneuverable and straightforward. The GX6 features a fantastic sweet spot that is best for the user.

Also, this paddle offers the efficiency you need to perform well in singles or doubles. The Gearbox is among the most fashionable paddles available due to its modern appearance and ergonomic handle. However, the Gearbox is the ideal paddle for those who care equally about style and performance.

Also, if you’re looking for a high-quality paddle for pickleball, go no further than the Gearbox GX6. The GX6’s honeycomb striking surface is responsive and powerful thanks to Fiber H7 Technology.

However, with a slightly larger head and a frame, this paddle can reach farther, allowing you to control it more precisely. This paddle is an excellent option for professional pickleball players because of its high-quality build and innovative features.


  • Carbon fiber composite material
  • Big receptive area
  • Superb agility
  • Appealing appearance
  • Easy-to-hold grip


  • The way a ball flies isn’t always predictable

3. Prince Quantum Pro Model

Third on our list of best pickleball paddles for two handed backhand is the Prince Quantum. The Prince Quantum is reasonably priced and is the top preference among many players. Anyone with large hands can clasp its handle with ease. The convenient sweet spot in the paddle’s center gives players more leverage when striking the ball. Because of the reduced vibration it produces, you may use the paddles for more extended periods.

Also, the paddle’s thick core, measuring 9/16 inches, provides unparalleled durability. With this, your projectiles will have a lot of bounce, and you’ll be able to return fire whenever your opponent scores a hit effectively.

The paddle comes in various colors—red and black are the most sought-after paddles in the game.

The Prince brand is well-known for its quality Pickleball paddles. They are excellent paddles for beginners and pros alike because of their sturdy construction and reasonable price.


  • Excellent quality for the price
  • Sturdy construction
  • Thick core
  • Reducing vibration


  • Relatively small sweet spot

4. Vulcan V560

If you’re a pickleball player looking for a paddle with exceptional control and feel, the Vulcan V560 is a fantastic option. The polypropylene core offers the user more control ability and manageability, while the long handle makes it easy to execute double-handed backhands. The longer grip gives it less of a stretch to make those hard backhand strokes. If you’re a dedicated pickleball player who wants to improve your game, the Vulcan V560 is a fantastic option.

A strong and reliable paddle, this paddle is a wonderful option for all players. The 8.4-ounce weight and medium grip diameter make it pleasurable to wield and control.

The paddle’s big sweet spot allows you to use the striking surface fully, while the edge guard guarantees accurate strokes and powerful swings. The Vulcan is the perfect tool for improving your game.


  • Precision and responsiveness
  • Excellent compromise between power and manageability
  • The long grip makes it easy to execute powerful backhands with both hands
  • Big sweet spot
  • Long handle, so you can spin the ball faster


  • The large sweet spot of the paddle might make it hard to keep shots under control

Best Pickleball Paddles for Two-Handed Backhand Buying Guide


Polymer, Nomex, and aluminum are the leading contenders for core materials. To varying degrees, their individual qualities determine how they’ll perform.

One of the newest possibilities is a polymer core. This core alternative, like all others, is honeycombed in design but is constructed from a plastic composite. Polymer is the most pliable core material, making it the most desirable in areas where noise is a concern. Due to the polymer’s suppleness, the ball stays in contact with the paddle for longer, allowing for pinpoint accuracy while hitting the target.

Lightweight pickleball paddles originally included a Nomex core, and cardboard is put out in a honeycomb design and soaked in resin to make it stiffer. The most powerful and audible choice, Nomex, has a heavier core than the others, and this core gives the paddle the most excellent pop.

In the same way, as the other choices use honeycomb-shaped structures, aluminum cores are constructed using this technique. Since these cores weigh less than Nomex, they tend to be less noisy. Since the ball spends more time in contact with the paddle, you’ll have better control and touch. Many believe that aluminum core paddles are superior for the more delicate aspects of the game.

Surface Substance

The weight of a fiberglass-faced paddle is often higher than that of a graphite-faced paddle, and they tend to be a little more powerful because of the extra weight.

No one has conducted a rigorous study comparing different face materials, so the choice between graphite and fiberglass, for example, comes down to personal taste. Graphite paddles are lighter than fiberglass ones but lack the strength of their heavier counterparts. More often than not, they also have more delicacy and command than their fiberglass counterparts.


Thanks to the paddle industry’s creativity, a wide variety of paddle designs are available. To give enough surface area and be more forgiving of mishits, novices should stick with the original standard paddle form, rounded paddles, or wide-body paddles. Shapes like thin-blade and teardrop paddles are ideal for experienced players who have settled on a playing style and have a strong sense of personal preference.

Modern paddles with narrower blades are ideal for experienced players who can reliably place solid hits in the paddle’s sweet spot. Teardrop paddles are moderately shaped and can provide a more potent sweet spot.


It’s up to your taste and desire what color paddle you use. A paddle of the same color as the ball might provide you an edge since your opponents cannot see the ball when it bounces off your paddle.


Consider pricing to help limit your options when you’re on a tight budget. There is some truth to the adage you get what you pay for when it comes to pickleball paddles, but there are also some excellent paddles on the market at low costs that defy this norm. If you need help deciding which paddle is best for you, try to estimate your budget.

best pickleball paddles for two handed backhand

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q1. When playing pickleball, which paddle is ideal for two-handed backhand shots?

The SLK Evo Hybrid & Soft Pickleball Paddle is ideal for two-handed backhand volleys. The composite material in constructing this paddle allows for exceptional strength and precision. Also, there are a lot of sweet spots on this paddle, making it ideal for advanced players.

Q2. What are the notable features to consider when comparing a one-handed backhand with a two-handed backhand?

Many players may switch to a two-handed backhand to generate additional force while striking the ball. Players who desire more command of their strokes sometimes resort to the one-handed backhand stroke.

Q3. How can I improve my backhand stroke while using both hands?

There are some things you can do to improve your two-handed backhand stroke:

  • Check that you’re holding the weapon properly.
  • Hone your aiming and swinging skills.
  • Use a suitable pickleball paddle.


One of the best ways to improve your game, whether a beginner or a pro, is to learn how to use a two-handed backhand. After several drills, your two-handed backhands will rival those of a pro. Feel free to experiment if you think it may help your performance.