What Size Net Do I Need for Pickleball?

When first getting started playing pickleball you might wonder, What size net do I need for pickleball? Well, the answer is simple and we will explain what you need to get started.

What Size Net Do I Need For Pickleball?

The general professional rule for pickleball nets states they should measure 22″ wide, 36″ height at the net’s sidelines, and 34″ at the center of the net. The net usually has two inches of white tape edge, which covers the cord or cable that joins the two net posts. Pickleball nets should also have a center strap to make it easier to adjust the net to a proper height of 34 inches.

what size net do I need for pickleball
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A good pickleball net is one you can move with ease and set up without any difficulty. You should learn the precise dimensions for pickleball nets if you’re new to the game due to the inconsistency with which most courts are set up.

Regardless of the net dimensions these courts use, following the proper settings is best to ensure you’re playing the game right. Read further for more insight on pickleball nets and factors to consider before purchasing a pickleball net.

Pickleball nets are mesh fabrics that players use in dividing the pickleball courts in half to prevent pickleball from crossing. Both sides have a set of parameters and rules that guide them, dictating the experience players have.

Can You Play Pickleball Without a Court?

In the absence of a proper court, you can set up a pickleball net and play the game indoors on wooden surfaces as opposed to playing on the asphalt outside. The rules remain the same, and you can make the space work to your advantage.

You don’t have to cover a lot of ground while playing pickleball. That’s why players can easily set up solo pickleball drills in their yards or homes to enjoy the game in relative comfort. You can quickly set up a friendly game with neighbors or families and not worry about proximity or maneuverability.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Pickleball Nets

To enjoy an excellent pickleball game, you must do due diligence before purchasing a pickleball net. This gives you added assurance towards the suitability of your choice, helping you arrive at the product you wish to buy faster.

Size and Net Mechanism

You need to mind the location’s space to help limit your sizing. If you want to play professionally, follow the size allocations and buy a net that meets the standard. The correct size influences the accuracy of your game; otherwise, you will serve, hit, and judge distance wrongly.

A significant way to tell the difference between the right and wrong pickleball nets is if the net runs straight across the line without sagging in the middle. You can tell this quickly from the pictures the brand displays of the merchandise on its website. Additionally, check for nets with tightening mechanisms that are not Velcro.

Velcro loses over time and dips the sag in the middle beyond the regulation standard. Ensure you’re not having sags on each side of the net when setting up. The net should look like a single “U” rather than two to avoid balls rolling over the net cord.


Another essential factor to consider is the weight of the net. The weight helps you size the net correctly to ensure it meets your standard. If you regularly transport the net to the venue of the game, then it’s better to buy one that you can maneuver without difficulty. 

Although a heavier net is perfect for windy areas since it stays in place during the game, it becomes a chore when you want to pack it up and move it. Unless you intend to have it up in place permanently, in which case, the weight wouldn’t be much of a problem.

If you want to bike with the net to the venue, check the specifications to determine if the carrying bag has longer straps. Check also if the net comes with wheels for easy transportation. And if the brand advertises the net as lightweight, ensure the feet are long to ensure stability.

Ease of Assembly

It’s one thing to buy a pickleball net and another to set it up if you’re a beginner. Easy assembly makes it faster for you to start playing the game. Pickleball nets that are challenging to assemble will likely discourage most beginners from the game, and even experienced players might not have the patience to figure out the assembling process.

Check if the brand’s product is easy to set up and dismantle. Setting up a portable pickleball net should take only a few minutes, and brands enclose manual guides to assist the players in setting up. So check if the brand includes a manual before purchasing.

Some locations where players play pickleball use the court for other games, like tennis and badminton. So they set the dimensions to suit tennis players, and some locations don’t allow players to change the settings. It’s usual to see players playing pickleball in a court designed for other games, which might confuse you when you want to set up yours.


The best portable pickleball nets combine lightweight, durability, and sturdiness. Wears and tears are usual for nets if you mishandle them. Therefore, ensure the net is durable enough to move it around without snagging on every object it touches. This way, you will know it will survive outdoor and indoor uses.

If you’re on a budget, consider durable cheaper options than purchasing from brands with substandard quality. Most brands produce quality pickleball nets with carbon fiber and steel, coating the metals with powder to protect them from corrosion.

Pickleball vs. Tennis Court

Pickleball has several similarities with tennis and also badminton. For one, it’s a game on a court that requires players to hit the ball to their opponents on the other side of the net. The rules are more relaxed for pickleball than for tennis. For example, players can play pickleball with nets set for tennis, but not vice versa.

The Pickleball net is set slightly lower in the middle than tennis nets. Pickleball players use paddles to hit perforated balls, while tennis players use racquets to hit round rubber balls with no holes over the net. Furthermore, the tennis ball has more bounce with none of the aerodynamics required for pickleball.

The tennis ball weighs more than the pickleball ball, and the pickleball court is smaller. Pickleball court dimensions are 20 feet x 44 feet with a diagonal measurement of 48 feet 4 inches. And the Kitchen sits at 7 feet deep on both sides. On the other hand, tennis court dimensions are 36 feet x 78 feet for doubles play.

You can’t use the balls interchangeably, either. The tennis ball travels at a speed that is too fast for pickleball, and due to the small size of the pickleball court, the ball will reach the player at an unsuitable speed. Tennis balls used for pickleball can injure a player’s wrist because of the shock that goes through the paddle.

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Outdoor vs. Indoor Pickleball

Pickleballs come in vibrant colors like yellow and green to aid their visibility in any environment. Outdoor and indoor pickleball differences stem from texture, weight, and durability. Outdoor pickleball is heavier and bouncier, with numerous small holes in them to aid its usage outdoors and in windy environments.

Indoor pickleball has larger holes that aid its play indoors. And they are softer and easier to play with. You will have more control and can hit more powerful shots, unlike outdoor pickleball, which requires focus for control. Watch out for outdoor pickleball because any impact on your body will hurt considerably.

Another downside of outdoor pickleball is that it cracks when worn out due to its weight. On the other hand, indoor pickleball becomes softer when it wears out. So it’s best to always have an extra ball handy to swap the damaged balls.


Pickleball is a great game that has gained notoriety in the past few years, and many tennis lovers favor it for its ease. Do not use tennis dimensions when setting up the pickleball net. Although many courts use tennis dimensions for pickleball games, it’s not the proper way of setting the net.

So, to play by the book, you must set your court dimensions to 20 feet x 44 feet. It should also measure 22′ inches wide, 36″ height at the net’s sidelines, and 34″ at the center of the net. And ensure the nets sag at the center.

Consider durability, movement, and quality when seeking a pickleball net. Even if the venue is very close, you need a net that is easy to set and pack up without much difficulty. Also, one you need can easily move around without needing extra hands.